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Wayne Burrows – Avant Garde Or Last Minute
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Avant Garde Or Last Minute
By Wayne Burrows
Avant Garde or Last Minute expands on a style of language absorbed from the hundreds of found commercial slogans and media texts gathered for an ongoing project under the title 723 Variations on the Same Theme (2014 - 15). While the phrase in this particular screen-saver is invented rather than found, it is designed to be as ambiguous as possible, leaving its intentions difficult to decipher. It might be a kind of auto-criticism, pre-empting a common public response to contemporary art, or perhaps a jibe at neo-avant-garde obsessions with cultural end-games and notions of utility and relevance. The background, selected for its resemblance to a generic abstract or experimental photogram, perhaps from the 1920s, is an image made by chance, a piece of light-sensitive commercial photographic paper marked by random accidents of storage - and here digitally scanned. Wayne Burrows lives in Nottingham and works mainly as a writer.   Burrows exhibited at QUAD as part of the group exhibitions ‘Event Horizon’ in 2013 and ‘Beyond’ in 2014.   Recent publications include Spirit Wrappings: Some Notes on the Rashleigh Jackson Family Collection (2012), Marine: A Story in Eight Objects (2013), The Holcombe Tarot (2014), Black Glass (2015) and Exotica Suite (2015). He also makes collage films, among them Disturbances (2010), The Serendipity Loops (2012) and Subliminal (2015). Since 2010 he has created an body of work and several fabricated retrospective exhibitions under the entirely fictional identity of British artist Robert Holcombe (b.1923 – d.2003). He is currently based at Primary in Nottingham, UK.