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Sooree Pillay @ # 61 – Barcode entry
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Barcode entry
By Sooree Pillay @ # 61
Barcode Entry attempts to share a personal and emotional journey, through the written word.  The proposition is a challenge an invitation for the audience to connect with the concept of leisure or “down” time via a collection of poetry and prose produced from a series of conversations over the last year. The written word is often used in a utilitarian manner – to explain, quantify or qualify. The rest of our time spent using language is an attempt to achieve an emotional communication with the world and create relationships with individuals.  Today, we often do this via technology i.e. from my iphone. The notion of reading as a means of using up our leisure time is also something which is on the decline, with visual media becoming more “relevant” to the modern-day recipient.  But yet, the written word is dependent on its visual construct in order to communicate. Sooree Pillay is part of the New Art Exchanges' ExperiMentor artist development programme and current Artistic Director of YARD theatre, also based at the New Art Exchange.  Her latest project, Get Up Stand Up (April to September 2015) , is a site specific audio/visual installation at the Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham, exploring global civil rights and its relevance to today’s contemporary youth and communities.