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Simon Raven – The Take a Break Pug
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The Take a Break Pug
By Simon Raven
'The Take a Break Pug' (2015) is a looped, three second screensaver in which a garish message repeatedly advises the user to 'Take a Break', whilst zooming in to the sleepy eyes of a pug dog. The work is an attempt to mimic both the repetitious nature and sentimental use of animals in online memes. A 'break' might refer to a few moments away from the computer, a holiday, a dream, or simply walking the dog. With so much art vying for attention at the Venice Biennale, and so much work put into the production of the event, the 'Take a Break Pug' is intended to offer both workers and those at leisure temporary respite from the pressures of art tourism.
Simon Raven lives and works in Nottingham.  He holds a studio at Primary and uses performance and other media.  He currently teaches on the Foundation Course for the International School at Nottingham Trent University.