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Karl Ohiri & Sayed Hasan  – C’est la vi
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C’est la vi
By Karl Ohiri & Sayed Hasan
Whilst out sightseeing my partner took a photograph of Sayed shielding his eyes from the sun. It was a snapshot that spoke of the weathers mood and evidence of the leisurely pursuits of the day. Upon seeing the portrait - on the back of the camera - we both knew that this was an image we could use. The problem was, the image wasn’t ours. We didn’t make it, or own the copyright. To solve the dilemma we decided to negotiate a price with the author in order to obtain full rights of the image. We settled on the sum of ten pounds. In acquiring the digital file we set about making it our own. The narrative of the work is a deliberately self–conscious tale of how we took the opportunity to appropriate an image for the purpose of the sunscreen project. Rolling the ten pound sheet over the image sees it being eclipsed by the transaction. Karl Ohiri and Sayed Sattar Hasan are two British born artists who work collaboratively and independently. Their practices are centred on everyday life experience, which they regard as the centre of their artistic process. Karl Ohiri and Sayed Hasan will present a solo exhibition at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham (2016).  They are currently part of the New Art Exchange’s ExperiMentor artist development programme.  Karl Ohiri exhibited a portrait of Benjamin Odeje (2014) at the New Art Exchange and Sayed Hasan was supported in making and presenting his latest project, Form at Format Festival, Derby (2015).