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Jonathan Baldock & Rafal Zajko – Pleasure Principle (Boom Boom Pow)
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Pleasure Principle (Boom Boom Pow)
By Jonathan Baldock & Rafal Zajko
Jonathan Baldock’s and Rafal Zajko’s shared interest in artifice and theatrical stages led them to collaborate on the piece made entirely for Sunscreen entitled “Pleasure Principle (boom boom pow)”. For the piece Zajko documented Baldock’s carefully hand-stitched sculptures, and began his trademark use of layering and editing image and sound in order to make an animation whereby Baldock’s sculpture's pulsate and pump at the rate of a human heartbeat. Taking the theme of this year's Venice Biennale literally - “Pleasure Principle”  depicts a pulsating sculpture beating at the rate of the human heart during the sexual climax. The piece aims to animate the inanimate  computer through an anthropomorphic gesture staging a "living" sculpture on the screen. The depiction of Baldock's hand-crafted and very tactile soft sculptures playfully question the physicality of the virtual in an illusory way. Through the repetitive and hypnotic movement the screen-saver hopes to give the viewer a sensation of experiencing an encounter with the piece physically. Baldock recently completed an Artist Residency at Primary, Nottingham (2014).