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Joe Rowley – Don’t Take Your Eye Off The Ball
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Don’t Take Your Eye Off The Ball
By Joe Rowley
Don’t Take Your Eye Off The Ball focuses on the ridiculousness and overt sexualisation of sports coverage following from Rowley’s recent interest in sporting activities and their impact on the perception of masculinity.  Thinking about thinly veiled references and marketing shots; the decadence of the slow motion and vivid colour are revealed all hall marks of a commercial. There is a strange campness that seems out of place within a brash, hyper masculine event of a football match. Joe Rowley graduated from Nottingham Trent University (2014), Rowley combines his art practice with the co-management of HUTT Gallery, based at Primary in Nottingham.  Rowley also holds at studio at Backlit, Nottingham. Presenting ideas as a humorous or satirical assemblage of objects, moving images and performance, Rowley explores the slippages and strange rituals born out of half remembered situations and exaggerated emotions.