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Jake Kent – Welcome To Hell
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Welcome To Hell
By Jake Kent
Partially camouflaged, the words "welcome to hell" endlessly flash on the screen. Welcome to hell.  It’s a reminder more than an invitation – welcome to hell. It’s a reminder that you stopped scrolling, you’re momentarily offline. Imagine the whole world on fire. Extinction of mankind. Time crumbles away. Foundations crumble away. Welcome to Hell. What were you looking for anyway, it’s 2am, or midday, or it doesn’t really matter. You can’t concentrate. Welcome to hell. Foundations erode away. It’s giving you a headache. Imagine the whole world on fire. You quickly touch your track-pad and it disappears. Head throbbing, you decide to continue the search, worsening your posture, slouching lower, losing your way. Then, you make a tiny purchase, a day’s worth or a night’s, whatever.  When infinitely skimming the surface there are no new breakthroughs, just desire and boredom, endlessly looping like that .gif. Jake Kent is an artist currently living and working in Nottingham, he holds a studio at Backlit and co-directs Triple O.G. – a shop, publisher and gallery also currently housed at Backlit.  He is currently studying at The School of the Damned; a free, student run, unofficial Fine Art course initiated as a direct response to the problems of the current higher education system.  He explores the contemporary fascination with the reuse and regurgitation of culture and its role in the production of Capital. The work deals with cynicism, apathy and emotion in the neo-liberal age. Through questioning the authenticity and effect of the subcultures, particularly those he is immersed in, he attempts to offer a wider social/ political critique from this context. Recent group exhibitions include: Business As Usual, STCFTHOS, Leeds; Too Much, Two Queens, Leicester; Thanks, The Pipe Factory, Glasgow; The Angry Show, 55 Sydenham Rd, Sydney, Australia. Currently Jake is working on developing an experimental curriculum at The School of the Damned and will be exhibiting with the group throughout 2015/16.