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Dinah Gold – In thought of The Leisure Principle…
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In thought of The Leisure Principle…
By Dinah Gold
I’m exploring being watched, watching and watching back. How one can speak about something macro with something micro. Playing a reality/non-reality based game within an actual truth. The aspiration of the game vs. your aspiration in life? The physical exchange of paper money becomes sincere within the domestic setting, whilst at play. Each metal pawn being reflective of concealed self. Making an exchange, playing dirty. A literal representation of construct in a living room, in a home.   Dinah Gold graduated from Nottingham Trent University (2014) and was recently selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries (2014). She is currently based between Nottingham and London specialising in moving image that relates to surveillance and voyeurism. These notions are realised through experimental documentaries/ portraits. She is interested in speaking about human behaviours; she makes sense of this by making the personal, impersonal, using her environment and family as a vehicle to explore these concerns.