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Bruce Asbestos – MTN DEW
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By Bruce Asbestos
MTN DEW is the first in the series of alternative adverts for well known brands , which riffs on Asbestos' recent exhibition at the Hayward Gallery's Cafe Concrete, which was knee deep in colourful internet memes, MLG Parody in-jokes and straight faced YouTube How-Tos. Over the last five years Bruce Asbestos has experimented with digital and social media, popular culture, marketing and small-scale production. An active internet presence ​was​ at the core of his practice: his online TV show, The Social Media Takeaway, use​d​ the quick-fix, low-brow, throw-away nature of YouTube as a platform to produce artworks and performances.​ ​ Bruce is currently taking a well earned #SOCIALMEDIASABBATICAL to concentrate on a series of artworks. Recent Exhibitions and Projects: Dear Thoughtful, Charming Reader n0.4 – HOAX Magazine, FR€€ ₮HI₦G$, curated by Jack Fisher at STCFTHOTS gallery, Leeds, UK; Bruce Asbestos A/B Testing curated by Grace Beaumont- Concrete, Hayward Gallery, London,; A Union of Voices, curated by Tim Ellis – Horatio Junior, London; Sailor King, The King William IV, Nottingham; Tiny Canvas Friday – (; Social Media Takeaway Series Two (Bangkok) – (; Is There Wifi? Punk & Sheep, London; Bruce Asbestos was born in Brighton, UK. During Studying Fine Art BA at Nottingham Trent University (2001-04), Bruce completed a  five-month scholarship at Musashino University, Tokyo. On the day of leaving Fine Art, Bruce started studying a three-month intensive business course, before going on to set up artist run projects Stand  Assembly Studios, Moot Gallery and My House Gallery. During this time he worked in collaboration with Hannah Conroy as Ayling and Conroy. More recently he completed his MA in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, during  which he completed a two month scholarship at RMIT University in  Melbourne, Australia​, and has recently mothballed his gallery, Trade (2010-2014)​