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Alice Gale Feeny – Realisations on your lunch break
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Realisations on your lunch break
By Alice Gale-Feeny
In the morning, I notice how Weetabix is described using four words: Whole Wheat Cereal Biscuits. I sit looking at the Andrex packaging and consider the term Quilts as a way of defining the texture and feel of the loo roll. In the shower, through the heavy droplets, I can see the back of the shampoo bottle. The lines of the bar code continue as strands of hair. At lunch, at the same moment as the drop-in meditation session begins, so does the construction work outside. At dinner, I think about the day rather than the food I am eating. Alice Gale-Feeny (b. 1989 Brighton, UK) is a current member of One Thoresby Street and lives and works in Nottingham, UK. Recent and forthcoming projects include: ‘Ground’, co-curated with Oliver Tirre, ATTIC, One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, supported by Arts Council England, 2015; ‘Playing with Space’ (touring screening selected by Lawrence Bradby), Live Art Development Agency, London, firstsite, Colchester and Norwich Arts Centre, 2015; STORE Residency, London, 2015; The Drawing Board residency, Primary, Nottingham, 2015; and ‘Appropriate Response - New Artist Moving Image’ (screening), Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2014. Solo projects include: ‘HairWashCarWash’, Two Queens Gallery, Leicester, supported by Arts Council England, 2014. Writing published in: This is Tomorrow, 2014-15; and Nottingham Visual Arts, 2012-13.