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Alia Pathan – Recce
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By Alia Pathan
Recce returns to view the site of the film location for Alia Pathan's recent film Marine Spirit Attack Reprise, 2014, that explores ideas of the sea as a site for memory storage in the digital now. The site is free from the pollution of neighboring shipping and cruise industries, making it both an ideal leisure resort and film location. Pathan considers how such places will be catalogued, archived and remembered, as data storage becomes more comprehensive, codified and arbitrarily less tactile. Pathan’s ongoing practice is influenced by the technological commodification of memory, particularly the production processes needed to enable data storage and its imminent ecological impacts. “As file sizes become increasingly smaller we are able to capture more detail and data. Present day technology enables us to measure in pico-seconds, yet we cannot subjectively experience a pico-second; we only experience a sense of duration in the smallest unit of time it takes us to notice a moment has passed.” Alia Pathan is an artist based in London.  She is an Alumni member of One Thoresby Street and graduated from Nottingham Trent University Fine Art BA in 2009.  Her works concern the relationship between technology and human perception and how we communicate the scale of this through language. Previous screenings and exhibitions include Tenderpixel (London), 4th Moscow International Biennale of Young Art (Moscow) LOOP Festival (Barcelona) Superdeluxe (Tokyo) Vita Kuben (Umea, Sweden) and Note On (Berlin). Prizes include 2010 Tethervision Moving Image Commission; 2011 Goldsmiths Postgraduate Award; 2014 ICA Moscow Scholarship and the 2014 Red Mansion Art Prize. Supported by a bursary from a-n The Artist Information Company.