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Abi Hubbard – Watermelon
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By Abi Hubbard
Watermelon explores the complexities of a society that both embraces and misunderstands cultures. We can buy Buddha sculptures in the supermarket and dream catchers at craft stalls and then hang them together. The dialogue is one of hybridizing culture to create a surreal esoteric group. Consumerism informs how “culture” is available to buy as a mass marketed product, which can be appealing without any notion of the origins of the objects and actions. Is this what society needs to integrate these ideals into our systems or are we just mindlessly absorbing? Bright colours flashing lights, uniformity and cyclicity are both appealing and a raw part of the roots of cultural practices around the world. In terms of ritual Victor Turners discuesses how uniformity can inform a ritual process where the ritual initiands are “shorn of all identity” in order to make them disassociated with anything that was before and anything that is to come. In contemporary society being removed from the cultural tags of class and gender become important in trying to liberate us from capitalist tendency to swallow up equality in exchange for feeding the system. The collective is represented by large capitalist companies not those that feed the spirit. The individual has taken over; I propose that there should be a takeover of the unbranded collective exploring a group mindset of spirituality not feeding their own personal wants and needs of a system ruled by money and class. Oppositions play out within the work which mocks the hybridized mindless ritual and being deeply mystified by the surreal esoteric. An aesthetic of absurdity plays out in order to alienate the viewer from class , gender, race and consumerism. We live in a world where Pastafarianism is accepted by the authorities as a religion, yet laughed at by the masses. If the object of worship was something more mysterious would it be taken seriously? Lo fi, and abstract materials are both fetishized and dramatized to give them a seeming value, it is then up to the audience to question whether they should be valuable or ridiculous. Abi hubbard is a Nottingham based artist having graduated from BA Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University (2014) she also held a studio at One Thoresby Street. Predominantly focusing on a performative practice. Utilizing sculpture and the human body as “stage” Hubard creates a space for explorations of primal instances of culture where Ritual is prominent.